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MOST number of free educational materials & help given via online portal - you don't get it in other fitness programs!

What You Will Receive Upon Signing Up:

1) 21 instructors' KpopX Videos of your choices & free 21 Tutorials videos.  Choose from hundreds of KpopX Online Choreographies videos at Two months free + 1 month Bonus (Total three months free!)

2) Access to many educational videos like - How to do safety talk before start class. How to count music, How to handle clients' expectations. How to do introduction in class, how to teach mirror image to class, What is KpopX Fitness? What are our EPIC choreo-making rules & formula - you can easily learn online with our comprehensive materials - you don't get them in other fitness programs!

2) No Test/ No Exam!

3)  KpopX Fitness instructor certificate will be emailed to you within 2 weeks.

3)  An invitation evoucher -For only USD$70, you can attend the course in person within the first year plus if you are attending Course in Singapore, it will be waived!  So sign up now then come for the next instructors course within a year!

6) Write into for help anytime.




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Q: Are there any prerequisites to taking KpopX® Fitness Instructors’ course>

A: No. We have successfully trained many first-timers because of our comprehensive materials given. You can learn everything you need from our easy & short videos e.g. How to count music, how to learn the choreographies fast, how to teach in School vs studio for Kids, how to do safety talk, how to do introduction, advance skills like how to do pre-cue, how to market for classes and many more. If you reside in Singapore, we also offer jobs guidance, on-the-job training, job notices (first month only). You can choose to opt in or out of this job notice based on your convenience.

Q: Is there any test during the one-day Instructor’s course?

A: No. In fact, it is a very fun course where you will learn about KpopX® Fitness program and master skills on dancing and coaching. A certificate will be awarded to you at the end of the course.

Q: What happens after KpopX® Fitness Training?

A: You can start teaching whenever you feel comfortable and ready. Instructors act as independent contractors and are given the freedom to set your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc.

Q: How long is a KpopX® Fitness instructor certificate (license) valid for?

A: One year.

Q: How do I renew my certificate (license) after one year?

A: All instructors are encouraged to register for the K- membership. Benefits of being a K-member: As long as they are in good standing, they are considered “Current KpopX® Instructors”. This means that their certificates are valid as long as they are in the K-membership. You would get to learn your skills fast and become the better dance fitness trainer with our K-membership materials. In addition, you will get creative & easy to learn choreographies every month, along with a wealth of educational teaching and marketing materials and ideas and the faster you learn these skills, the faster success comes to you.

Without K-membership, you will be required to retake the KpopX® Fitness instructors' course once your certificate expires. Many trainers find that the value of k-member is much better & cost-effective than having to re-take the course.

Q: My facility wants to host a KpopX® Fitness Instructor Training; how do I do this?

A: Write in to We are happy to collaborate.

Q: Is there a demand for KpopX® Fitness Instructors?

A: Yes! Not only is there a demand, but you can easily create more of a demand. Many KpopX® instructors created a demand in their area simply because there were not many Instructors available in their area and people wanted to try out the KpopX® Fitness. When the buzz spread, these instructors were suddenly in high demand.

FIRST in the fitness industry to provide you with

1) Time Saving, Easy & creative choreographies to learn! In fact, after gaining more experience, you can learn the choreographies in only 15min!

2) How to count music videos! (Most valuable & important skills! Where else can you learn counting properly? Pay music teacher to teach you? It will cost you!)

3) How to handle customers' expectation, how to market for classes,

4) Be a better trainer - videos on How to modify the moves to cater for more demands

5) Others -Get skill checklist, posters, logos etc.

Questions for you

1) Which fitness programs offer you the above with the lowest cost? You cannot find it elsewhere! KpopX Fitness has successfully groom many first timers to fitness industry and bring trainers to new height!

2) The faster you master the skills; the faster success comes to you. Why wait? Sign up now.