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Line dance instructors' course

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01 Jan 2023. Sun. (PH- New Year) 9AM TO 6PM

    • Course date:

       01 Jan 2023. Sun. (PH- New Year) 9am - 6pm

    • Venue : Waterloo centre. level 3. Bras Basah mrt.

    • 👍 POPULAR! Line Dance Instructors' Course (Suit Beginners)

    • 👍 Use Skillsfuture credits! No cash upfront.

      👍 Learn 27 Line Dance basic footsteps to get ahead!

      👍 Enhance basics with  choreographies in 5 different styles - Country, Modern, Latin, Kpop, Night Club etc)

      👍 Experience -Learn how to Be a successful & attractive Instructor

      👍 Get $200 worth of Line dance basic steps/choreographies videos after course -Free!.

In this 1 Day course, you will learn

  • The basics & foundation of 27 Line Dance steps, counting music, knowledge about teaching etc.

  • Enhance your foundation with 5 styles of Line Dance -   Country, Modern, Latin, Kpop, Night Club etc)

  • Learn to present & lead confidently as a Line Dance Instructor

  • GET certificate at the end of the course, this course has no test! All fun! Valid 2 years!

  • FREE $200 Trainers' Line dance videos/materials so you can learn/revise after course.

  • Our certificate is recognised in People Associations and some of our learners have started teaching in RC/ communities centres . Please note Recruitment by CC/RC is still subjected to their interviews & criteria.

  • Highly experienced educator - Conducted by Chingay/National day Parade Choreographer/ PA Trainer - Mr. Low Boon Hua


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The slots are first-come-first-served. Kindly reply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

How to Check Skillsfuture Credits
*Singapore Citizens aged 25 or above by 31 December 2020 will receive the SkillsFuture Credit Top-up of $500. 

1. Login to with Singpass
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Common FAQ:
1. Is one day course enough? 一天课程够吗?
During the course, we will teach you the foundation and principles (they are very important, like a set of traffic rules that help you navigate your way) then you are given $200+ worth of trainers' dance-exercise videos/materials to continue learning at home to be competent.

在课程中,我们将教你基础和原则(非常重要,就像一套可以帮助你导航的交通规则)然后你将获得价值 300 元以上的培训师的舞蹈练习视频/材料继续学习.

2.Can I be a People Association trainer with the certificate? 有证书可以做人民协会P.A 教师吗?
First of all, our course and organiser are not related to People Association even though our educator(s) are also P.A. Trainers.

Latest Update on 22 Jan 22;
We are happy to announce that one of our Line dance course instructor has successfully become a PA trainer after using our certificate to apply for the position. She can teach "Line dance (Adult) -elementary" and "Line Dance (Senior Citizen) -Elementary" in Community Centres.

Please note her success does not mean it will be successful for all applicants using our certificate to apply , this is because PA will still consider many other factors like a well written resume, your referrals, good attitude, friendly, humble to keep learning (not arrogant), get along and respect other teachers, helpful and joyful to people, residents and coordinators etc.

To find out in details and if there are any other changes, it is advisable for you to enquire with PA HQ directly - google their website and contact please.

Lastly as PA trainers ourselves, we like to share with you our current experiences working in CCs. As PA trainer, we have to cold call CCs, introduce ourselves, ask if there are slots to open your classes and then we have to do own marketing, advertising to bring people into our classes and advise people to pay and sign up on PA website so to start our class. One also needs to be humble, very helpful towards coordinator, get along with other trainers, co-worker, easy to get along.

Profit sharing is 65% commission to us, 35% commission to CCs. Hence to work in CCs, you must be willing to have such initiative.
首先,我们的课程和组织者与人民协会(PA)无关,尽管我们的教育者也是 P.A 教师。 我们的课程是新推出的,(Yr 2021)

其中一位学生告诉我们, 使用我们的证书申请,她已成功成为一名 PA 教师,她可以在社区中心教授排舞(成人)-elementary 和排舞(老年人)elementary.
请注意,她的成功并不意味着作为所有人 可以成功被雇用,人民协会还将查看您的教经验,客户推荐,简历,面试,态度友善,谦虚,等等
选择培训师的标准都是基于PA 决定,可能会更改条款和条件,如需了解详情,建议您直接向 PA 总部咨询 - 谷歌他们的网站并联系人民协会。

最后,作为 PA 老师,我们想与您分享,一旦您成为人民协会培训师,您就打电话给 CC社区中心,介绍自己, 态度友善,谦虚, 能够与协调员和其他老师相处,等等
打电话给 CC询问是否有开放课程的空位,然后我们必须进行自己的营销以将顾客带入我们的课程并提供建议人们在 PA人民协会网站上注册您的课程。你必须愿意有这样的主动, 成为一个成功P.A 教师

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How to apply skillsfuture videos help
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