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FAQ (About Instructors' Course)


Q1. What to expect during the instructors’ course.

Suit first timers & beginners - We will teach you how to become a successful Kpop X Fitness instructor, there is no test during the course and you will get

  - certificate
   - Free trainers’ materials (worth $100+) at the end of course
  - your name listed on our instructors’ website here

Q2. How long does the certificate last?
One year with free instructors’ materials worth (SGD$100 up to SGD$300) depends on location/countries conducted.


Q3. KpopX Fitness Instructors Course – Can I find a job after?

 Yes, you can. Kpop X Fitness is conducted in gyms, dance studios, companies workout or fitness day.  in some countries, the schools hire certified Kpop X Fitness instructors to teach Kpop X Fitness during their extra curriculum activities.

There is a growing demand for Kpop X Fitness instructors. So join us now!

Q4. Can we change/modify the choreographies?

Yes. All modifications techniques are given to you too in our materials for trainers. (Often Under Tutorials)

Q5. Can I do my own Kpop Fitness choreographies?

Yes. We advise you to do so after you (a) learn our formulas first (approved by USA/UK) (b) after you build up a solid trainer’s skills and have followers. 


 Q7: Will I take a long time to learn one song (choreography).
Kpop X Fitness is one of the easiest fitness dance program in the world. Suit beginners!   In the beginning, you have to learn 13-14 songs so yes it will take a while, After that you find yourself only need 15min- 30min to learn one popular choreographies -remember to look at our tutorials – you find lots of tips there!  You save a lot of Time and Money when you can learn a choreographies so quickly!  Our formulas allow you to learn fast.

Q5. I am a new comer, I’m not sure how to enter industry and start work

We created a group chat so senior instructors or studio owners can reach out to you by posting job notices into the group chat. Reply to the person-who-post-the-jobs privately when you are keen, ignore the text if you are not keen! It’s a great networking chat-grp. The group chat only allows jobs posting, news from KpopX Fitness and no chit-chat, no spam, no selling other stuff allowed. 

For other countries,
Our tips to you is prepare your lesson/presentation, email into studio/gyms doors for an interview. It’s the new generation workout - KPop X fitness! Why wouldn’t they want you?!

We have lots of room to grow and conquer the world! Join us in expanding and introducing this exciting program to the rest now!