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FAQ (Instructors' Subscription & Renewal License)

FAQ  – Subscription and Renewal

Q1. Is there any subscription?

Subscription to, trainers’ accountis not compulsory. In fact you get them freetoo!

In Year 2020 Update.

  • Singapore & UK/USA/Australia aka developing countries – Get one, two or up to three months free.
  • Malaysia/Brunei/Thailand/Any other Developing countries – FREE Subscription 1 Yearat (Trainer’s account).

 Q2. What is > Trainers’ account? > Trainers’ account allows you to access many materials

1)  Kpop X Video - new up-to-date K-Pop X fitness choreographies, tutorials,
2) Kpop X English Video. – Free English choreographies for trainers to add into their list

3) Education - Videos like teach you how to count music, how to run a class, how to do cue-ing, how to handle different age groups.  Anatomy basics , choreographies formulas and tips to learn fast as instructor etc.
4) Resources – poster, logos, skill checklists, etc

(Non-trainers’ account, like for members of public do not see education and resources tab. You need to get certified as instructor to access all four items above. Terms and conditions apply and we reserve the rights to amend the offer at our sole discretion)

TOP Tips – our Top 5% high incomers trainers still see and follow tutorials after years of success.

 Q3. If I want to renew, how much to renew my license after one year.
License can be easily renewed free-of-charge if you have valid subscription to, trainers’ account.

Malaysia/Thailand/Brunei/ Any developing countries – More than 45% OFF! Only SGD$10++ per month per year Only.

For Singapore & developing countries – renewal can be done by  simply subscriptions. License is tied to the account.

Q4 : How to renew my subscription after one year?
a) Login to your – click “renew package”
b) Without login – go to our and choose the package and checkout as “guests”   see All packages here . >

Q5. My certificate has expired after a year and I forgot to renew. What happen now?
License can be easily renewed free-of-charge if you have, trainers’ account.

If your certificate has expired more than a monthand you are not also not K-member, then you will have to retake instructor's course again. There is usually email notification to you to prevent you from overlook it.

To renew – see Q4 Above.