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Video Training Help for learning instructors

$20.00 $35.00


Are you keen to learn to dance better?
Need a coach/mentor to help you? Why not hire Founder /choregrapher Maddy who over the years, has coached hundreds of instructors from several countries ?

This is good for long distance learning or those who wants flexibility in timing. 

Good news, you can done it in low cost too!

  • Learn to dance precisely and beautifully.
  • Acquire good posture and good body control
  • Send your video over and let our founder Maddy vets your video and send you some tips and feedbacks!

Effective learning!

Do you know?
The trainers in our performing videos gained a lot of precision by learning thru this method so can you! Hurry and sign up now!

How to sign up?

Step 1:
Make payment here, per video per song is only SGD$20 (Check out here is always in SGD)

Step 2 :
Film yourself dancing to one Kpop X Fitness choreography and upload to youtube and set as "unlisted" (very important), then send the link over to

Quote your order no. along with the link/song title in your email. 

Step 3 : 
Your video will be vetted and feedbacks will be emailed to you in 5 to 8 working days. 

Step 4 :
Option - You can send one correction video back (Free of charge) and receive feedback again on any improvements.

Point to note :

  • Must use our KpopX Fitness Choreographies from study the tutorials carefully first.
  • Do not upload our choreographies videos or our feedback videos publicly without given permission.
  • side note: For KpopX Choreo, if you want to dance and showcase on social media, follow our Official Kpop X Fitness Youtube preview videos -those are already given out to public and will give you some clues how much to showcase and not to show on your social media. 

Your attitude matters
Please take the feedbacks as a way of improving please. 

Video dancing is not the same as classroom dancing, it is a much higher level. Video also shows more faults than dancing in person as it is of "slower" motion than in actual life and can be rewind/slow motion to check more. Example, in classroom, you can skip/missed a step or moving feet abit more and nobody will notice, but this can be more obvious in video.

 There are lots of skills to be mastered here...  
Things that could be pointed out -
a) Posture, alignment of body, legs, knees
b) accuracy in moves interpreted
c) transit moves from one set to another
d) counts/on beat
e) symmetry and consistency of moves
f) checking basic steps etc. 
g) Getting rid of unnecessary movements /excessive twisting when not needed etc.

Good news is, if you can learn to dance beautifully on videos, you will dance as well or even better in person too! A lot of trainers have said they learned so much from video feedbacks and didn't realise their own "blindspots!" so take up this challenge now.

If you are talent spotted, we could hire you for more opportunities too! 

Sign up and learn now! Fighting!